Versatile, creative class

Do you like to get creative? Would you like to further develop your creativity and take it to a new level? At creative crafts nature you get the opportunity to develop your skills in many different creative areas and learn lots of new techniques and methods in scenic surroundings.
This is a class for those who want to spend a year on varied and versatile creative work, while sharing this environment with similarly-minded people.

Teaching suited to your level

Do you like stitching better than drawing, or maybe you already are a wood carver? No matter what you are best at or what creative activity you prefer, we welcome all experience levels in this class. We adapt the teaching to the needs and interests of each student. Throughout the year you will get to try many different techniques with the class, but what you immerse yourself in and spend the most time on is mostly up to you.

With this class you will learn:

    • Sewing with a sewing machine and overlock
    • Wood carving
    • Sweeping
    • Toving
    • Knitting 
    • Study trip to Barcelona
    • Photography

Additional activities:

  • Nordic Light Festival of Photography
  • Acrylic painting
  • Watercolor
  • Drawing
  • Silverware
  • Glass jewelry
  • Hiking and cabin trips


...and much more. There is a lot to look forward to!

Redesign and stitching

During the year you will learn stitching and redesign techniques. Among other things, we have several overlock machines at school, and you will learn how to use them. You will also learn how to sew clothes, make simple accessories and repair worn clothes. We focus on reusing and sustainability, and sew new fashionable garments including bedding, woollen blankets, curtains and tablecloths from old reusable fabrics.

Knitting and crocheting

The knitting trend has really taken off in recent years, and we spend a lot of time on knitting, felting and crocheting. You learn basic techniques in these needlework activities, and we also felt sheep's wool seat pads.

Woodworking and sweeping

Do you know what sweeping is? If not, you will at least know it after a year at Høgtun. This is one of the many woodworking techniques you will learn and explore. During the year you will also have the opportunity to make your own knife. It may sound complicated, but with expert guidance from good teachers, you will create something that you will be proud of.

Your main class at Høgtun will be taught three days of the week. In addition you will attend the "Learning Norwegian" class.

Photography, watercolour and acrylic paints

Jewelry design and other crafts

You will also learn how to make Viking jewelry from scratch, according to old, new or self-composed patterns. In addition, you will have the opportunity to learn how to make beautiful glass jewelry. Do you have experience with jewelry design from before? In class we are always eager to learn new techniques and would like to share your ideas and knowledge with the rest of the class.

Class trip to Barcelona

In February we take a one-week class trip to the vibrant and sunny city of Barcelona. There we will find Europe's largest and best-preserved medieval district, exciting museums with works by artists such as Picasso and Mirò, famous buildings of Gaudi, cosy eateries and beautiful beaches. We will be staying in the city centre, close to most attractions. Some of the tour's activities are planned in advance, but the class will also help to choose the activities. Together we will make an exciting and varied programme for our trip!

Nature experiences and tours

Høgtun is located in one of the most beautiful nature areas in the Northwest region of Norway, and offers short-lived outdoor activities right outside the school gate. We will therefore also spend time outdoors. We use a lot of natural materials in our projects, and get inspired by what we find on trips. You can look forward to pizza-making on a seven stone stove on the shoreline, mountain hikes, cabin trips, Nordic Light Photo Festival, skiing and other winter activities.

Skiing week in Oppdal

In February the whole school will travel to the Oppdal ski resort. We are gonna live in cabins at IMI-Stølen which has a lot of good facilities and cozy rooms!

Here we will have a good time skiing and relaxing in the cabins afterwards. A lot of proficient instructors will accompany us and you will get lessons that suit your skiing level. We offer classes in alpine and telemark skiing as well as snowboarding and cross country skiing. 


The school has a lot of great equipment and facilities for most types of creative work including a woodshop, drawing room and sewing room.
You do not need your own crafting equipment or tools for this class, but since we are also part time touring/hiking, you need simple hiking equipment such as warm clothes, a backpack and a sleeping bag. You can shop for discount equipment when you come here.

Teacher: Ruth Marie Rassmussen


 +47 91 72 08 32       [email protected]


20.000 NOK includes all the activities in class, also the study trip to Barcelona and most of the materials you use.